The beggining

La Marqueza

was founded by Mr. Ignacio Muñoz (1857-1935), a distinguished and successful businessman who, motivated by his passion and love for horses, first purchased the Hacienda La Marqueza in Timbio, Cauca Colombia, a short 13 kilometers from his hometown, the beautiful colonial city of Popayan. Quickly thereafter, La Marqueza became his favorite of his many properties.

Don Ignacio was a distinguished rancher and successful land developer who had many great achievements in his life. He founded the Cattle Fund in Colombia and Colombia’s first Postal Service company. He built a large part of Colombia’s first railroad in 1890 and made many other contributions that enhanced the country's social and economic development.


Aside from his business enterprises, he had a great passion for horses which he shared with his family. He continued feeding his passion through his 1908 purchase of El Mico, the world’s finest Paso Fino horse at the time. El Mico lived in Sabana de Bogotá, in the famous stud farm La Chucua.
don ignacio

Don Ignacio’s descendants honor his legacy and love for Paso Fino horses by continuing to breed them today at their stud farm in Popayan.

Three generations later, Don Igacio’s great grandson and namesake, Manuel Ignacio Vejarano, continues the family tradition. Although he chose to become a well-known and respected ophthalmologist, he shares his family’s love of horses having developed his equine passion during summer vacations on the family hacienda in Popayan.


Don Manuel thus established today’s El Criadero La Marqueza at the family’s hacienda in Popayan. The Hacienda La Marquesa has remained in the family since its founding. Don Ignacio’s direct descendants continue to develop it into a valuable family asset generation after generation.

Although he chose to become a well-known and respected ophthalmologist, he shares his family’s love of horses having developed his equine passion during summer vacations on the family hacienda in Popayan.

In 1990, when he was only 15 years old, Don Manuel started breeding Paso Fino horses with mares he purchased from Mr. Milo Sarria, who was married to another descendent of Don Ignacio, further exhibiting the long family connection to La Marquesa’s breedstock.


Don Manuel, three years after beginning his breeding program, acquired the famous mare Tempestad de Las Guacas, whose sire was Atahualpa de La Reforma FC and whose dam was La Nobleza (foal of Arco FC), to breed with the stallion Dictador de Enterrios, whose sire was Arcos.


From that union he produced the magnificent and famous mare La Estampa de La Marqueza, who became Best Trocha Mare in 1999.
ignacio muñoz

Later he bred Tempestad with Jubiloso del Arco. He named their foal Don Mario in honor of his best friend Mario Velazco Mosquera who sadly passed away the day the foal was born. The foal Don Mario went on to become a great sire of champion offspring, including Colombia’s magnificent and beloved Shakira de la Pamela.

Don Manuel, upon the closing of Criadero La Jota de Jamundí, took the opportunity to acquire the mare Romántica de La Jota who was the foal of Candidato II and La Recada (Platino del viejo x Limeña de La Jota, dam of Limeña II de La Jota, dam of Candela de la Jota FC).

He continues to purchase and breed the best mares, including Espléndida de Ambrosia (Cosmos x La Figura de la Reyna) and La Conga del Ocho (foal of Patrimonio de Yolival).

Espléndida de Ambrosia became the Grand Champion at La Copa America, one of the most important equine events in Colombia. Eventually, Don Manuel sold La Esplendida to Mr. German Velez.

Meanwhile, La Conga del Ocho also became a grand champion several times including when she overcame her competition from Criadero La Luisa’s Nostalgia de Gurab, acquired by her owner in the Dominican Republic and shown by the master rider Don Efrain Vargas.


La Marqueza

Today Criadero La Marqueza consists of approximately 80 of the greatest horses from its many years of breeding and acquisition. The farm’s stock comes from years of planning and dedication to produce the best.

In 2008, Dr Vejarano, after having studied all four of the Colombian horse styles, decided to purchase the best embryos in each genre and to acquire the best breeding mares possible to produce the best Paso Fino horses ever.


In 2013, he followed his great grandfather Don Ignacio’s example who 105 years earlier purchased El Mico, the finest Paso Fino sire of his day. This time Don Manuel acquired the greatest Paso Fino sire in history, Dulce Sueño de Lusitania FC.

Also, in 2013, Don Manuel decided to provide easier access to his horses to attract international clients by founding a branch of La Marqueza in Bogota (Tenjo). The branch farm in Bogota (Tenjo) thus became the international commercial showroom of Hacienda La Marqueza, which continues to operate in Popayan.


In 2014, after carefully analyzing which horse would be the best sire for Dulce Sueño's offspring, Don Manuel purchased Firmamento de Agua Linda, importing him from Puerto Rico.


Both branches of Criadero La Marqueza, Bogota (Tenjo) and the original in Popayan, continue to be open to the public.



At La Marqueza we work with the latest available technology operated by the most exclusive team of experts who are all highly trained and dedicated to keeping all aspects of our farm to the highest standards.

We also benefit from senior successful breeders within the sport.who share their experience and guidance with us.


We consult with recognized international genetics experts to meet our exacting breeding standards to produce the best horses within the 4 great Colombian equine styles in the world today

We ensure through our diligent work and expertise that we will continue to provide the Colombian equine market with the best sires and mares in all 4 genres within the sport.

It is our mission to lead the development and enhancement of our great Colombian horse and to cherish the love, the passion, and the dedication that these magnificent animals bring to our lives. It is also our mission to introduce the Colombian horse to the global market and educate international buyers on our quality breeds to expand demand, win market share, and increase exports.

We strongly believe that with enthusiasm, hard work, and a bit of luck we will soon develop an impressive export equine industry in Colombia for the rest of the world.

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